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PTXE: Periodic Table of XUL/XBL Elements

This project is setup so that mozillla developers can collaborate on developing "master lists" of the supported elements and attributes in the XUL and XBL languages. These lists might then be adapted for the following sorts of applications:

  • Reference documentation and simple lists
  • An XML schema that might be used to build user interface (e.g., dropdown lists in a XUL editor)
  • XML that can be consumed by computers for validation and other processing
  • Anything else you can think of.

    It is a human effort rather than a machine effort. The script provided below reads the XUL and establishes a noisy baseline of elements and attributes, and the edited, "manual" versions of the XUL and XBL tables are the files that should be worked on by collaborators. We have begun some work on the edited versions already, making the dumbest of passes through the manual xul file, removing items that are obviously one-offs or component-specific. There is a lot of pruning still to do, and some adding as well.

    edited files

    The automatically-generated files appear here. Though we want to keep these unedited as baselines, they have been marked with build numbers, and they have their status attributes set to "auto" to reflect the fact that they are unedited, as you can see when you look at the source. A single CSS file, xul_table.css, styles the various tables differently according to their status.

    generated files and tools

  • text/css MIME problem fixed on the server.
    Checked in the scripts.
    re-generated xul file. rekicking this project.

    The ptxe project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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